Mold Making

Madd Castings does not make molds but we have many different mold makers that we would highly recommend in Loveland, Colorado and Santa Fe, New Mexico. There is a rubber coating on the inside of the mold that is three to six coats thick and takes several days to make. This is how they make the mold into smaller parts and give it two sides so it has tighter seam lines. The rubber requires between two and four hours to set up between each layer. Then it is coated with the plaster outer layer to help give the mold a strong back known as the mother mold is the best way to keep the shape of the original clay.

Mold Storage

Madd Castings has inside mold storage to help keep the molds in the best possible condition. It costs $20 for three months of mold storage for every three feet in width, three feet in height and four feet in length of space.