Investment Casting

In the investment casting process there is a solid frame that is placed over the artwork and the gating system. A plaster mixture is combined with water and then vacuumed to release the air; then it is poured into the solid mold, covering the art work. After being vacuumed a second time, the material will set up for 14 to 17 minutes. Then it will rest for three hours before going in to the kiln for 16 hours. For the first five hours in the kiln the shell material and the wax will be heated to 350 degrees Fahrenheit melting out the wax. Then the kiln will increase in temperature for the next five hours to 1450 degrees then cool to 1000 degrees for the final four hours. When the kiln reaches 1000 degrees the shell can be removed from the kiln and carefully placed on the vacuum table to have bronze poured into the gating system and in to the art work. Once it is cool the mold is broken to reveal the artwork. The final stage occurs when the piece is sand-blasted and the gates are removed.