A Cleaner, Greener Foundry

Solar Power

Madd Castings is a forward thinking foundry.  With the installation of a ten kilowatt solar system, Madd Castings has come closer to being an environmentally friendly bronze-casting foundry. The solar panel system provides electricity for lighting, computers and radios. The solar panel system is saving money for the foundry and helping to decrease their reliance on fossil fuels.  Madd Castings also recycles all the cardboard, glass, plastic and packing peanuts received and used by the foundry. 


Madd Castings has worked with Colorado State University’s health and safety department.  This department collaborates with OSHA, a governmental agency dedicated to health and safety for workers. CSU will work with any small business for free as long as the business is willing to fix any health and safety violations.  As soon as a business signs on with CSU it is exempt from OSHA visits until the work is completed and all standards are within compliance levels.  Sharp is a program that is put in place when a company is above and beyond all OSHA standards. These elite companies are then required to operate at this level of excellence consistently.  Every two years businesses like Madd Castings are retested to ensure that all guidelines of the Sharp program are executed daily.  This program helps Madd Castings to keep a clean foundry and a safe environment for all working in the foundry.