The Wax Art Work

Wax Pouring

The mold is where this process starts, they are cleaned and a first coat of wax is applied at a temperature of 250 degrees with a paint brush and a heat gun, in order to get all of the artist’s texture. The wax sets up for two minutes and a second coat of wax is applied at 220 degrees.  Then the wax will sit from five to seven minutes, then a final coat of wax at 160 degrees.  Similar to the process of making candles, repetitive dipping will increase the size of the wax.  Madd Castings puts layers of wax onto the mold until it is the right thickness for the lost wax casting process 3/8 to 5/16 of an inch.  The wax will then be trimmed and removed from the mold.

Wax Chasing

The wax art work will need to be looked over and any imperfection will be fixed at this stage.  Any pieces of the wax that need to be removed will be detached at this stage, ensuring an excellent casting.