The Shell Room - Day 2

The second day in the shell process we change slurries to a back-up which is more like concrete where the prime coat is more like chalk.  The forth coat is soaked in the back-up to give it time to seep deeply into the third coat.  The piece is then brushed while it is still wet and the art is submerged into a different kind of sand which is more course than the first sand used in day one.  It is the most course sand that Madd Castings uses; it increases surface area and cuts back on weight.  The more slurry that sticks to the wax, the stronger the shell will be. The art work gets two coats per day.  The back-up slurry takes a lot longer to dry then the prime coat. It will take from three to six days to go through the shell process. It is hard to rush some that needs to be completely dry before the next coat can be applied.  The last coat of slurry that Madd Castings will apply to the art is a layer of prime-coat slurry to hold all the sand in place. Madd castings has a point sources air evacuation over every sand tank to bring down the particulate matter in the air to a safe level and help keep the shell room clean.