Pricing and Scheduling

Bidding for pieces will be done by an estimation based upon width, circumference and height. To get a bid for a specific casting photographs and these measurements are necessary.


Scheduled completion Price per pound up to 5lb Price per pound 6lb and over
4 weeks
3 weeks
2 weeks
<1 week


Madd Castings requires a 50% deposit on all pieces 2 Lbs. and over before they can be cast. This is based on wax weight. Final Invoice is based on metal weight. Payment is due 15 days from Invoice date. Balances 30 days past due are subject to a finance charge of 18%.


Madd Castings has the right to refuse any wax. Maximum panel size will be 18” x 22”. All pieces will be sprued to the discretion of Madd Castings. Madd Castings will determine where gates, plugs, and core holes are needed to get the best results for the casting process. Plugs will be taped to the piece and core holes will be left open. Defects will be taken care of by Madd Castings Inc. Gates will be ¼” to ¾” after cutoff. Foundry will determine length of gate left on casting.


Madd Castings will do everything possible to keep casting to a 4-week turn around from spruing through casting completion. Life size or bigger will run 4-8 weeks depending on size.